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Flat Masks:
Disposal mask
AA Disposal mask

Civil Use

AA Disposal medical mask

Medical use

AA Surgical mask

Medical use

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KN95/ FFP2

Civil Use

KN95 reusable

Civil use

N95 reusable

Medical use.

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AA Union is the privately held medical supplier in the industry.
We export and distribute healthcare, medical and surgical products, medical equipment and medical products to healthcare institutions and retail markets around the globe.
From intuitively designed procedure packs and comfortable protective medical apparel to green waste management, AA Union helps you run a safe and efficient operating procedure.
AA Union healthcare products and AA Union medical supplies help improve the efficiency of your staff and patients safety, and enable you to deliver the best health care.
At AA Union, we continually work with medical professionals to learn about their unique needs in order to develop appropriate product solutions. The result is a comprehensive selection of high standard medical face masks with innovative features, offering great comfort while meeting the highest standards of protection. All our masks are designed to meet the requirements of healthcare professionals.
Our portfolio features surgical face masks, medical respirator masks and procedural face masks.


Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer value, by providing quality healthcare products and services which consistently meet the needs of our customers, both internal and external, as well as complying with requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, our services, our business processes and our business relationships. We will accomplish these objectives by creating and maintaining a quality-focused environment, while deploying our Total Quality approach with our valued customers, employees and community.


Quality Control


Quality Control is the final check prior to distribution, where we confirm that our design and validation processes have yielded products that meet our customers’ needs. Quality Control is not a substitute for creating processes that ensure good product off the line, but it acts as a safety net in case an error occurs.


Regulatory Affairs

It is the job of AA Union’s Regulatory Affairs (RA) staff to make certain we are in substantial compliance with a complex set of requirements set by the FDA, ISO and other regulatory bodies. This area is responsible for obtaining marketing clearance for our medical devices and OTC drugs and provides similar assistance for our many suppliers and partners.

AA Union Disposal Face Mask ( civil use )
AA Union N95 re-usable facemask ( medical use )
AA Union Surgical face mask
AA Union KN95
Production Lines

Step 1. Face mask layers compress process
Step 2. Super Sound machine Sealing process
Step 3. Ear Cord Compress process
Step 4. External nose Clip
Step 5. Quality Control
Step 6. Packing & Delivery

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